Hexagon is in the business of creating distinctive identities, to engage the audience through craft  and cleverness. Brands are our business. Building awareness with commercial success is the objective of every project we undertake. 

Brands are cultural. Brands communicate the organisation’s strategy and personality. They are more than a logo, typeface, colour or an image. Branding is the emotional connection between a company, its product or service, and the customer they wish to engage. Positioning the product or service front of mind when the consumer is ready to act, is essential to a successful business. Branding does this through the value of an idea which an organisation invests in and communicates through a diverse range of media.

The approach Hexagon takes with each new challenge is bespoke. Each strategy is customised to achieve the key objectives outlined in the brief. We often create our very own typefaces, this provides the brand with a sense of ownership over the messages they portray and therefore a distinctive personality. Graphics and imagery either photographic or illustrative are conceived, art directed and then created to help express a distinctive language, clearly defining the brand voice and its Identity.