The founder and Director Mark Smith graduated from Monash Univeristy in 1993 with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. He has over 18 years experience in Corporate and Brand Identity design. Before forming the studio Hexagon Design in 2000, Mark developed his craft on some of Australias largest National and International brands, creating, evolving and building great identity programs within some of the largest design studios of Australia. These being Cato Partners, FHA Image Design, Rankin Bevers & Associates along with Davidson Design. Some of these brands include Fosters, Coles Supermarkets, Qantas, Australia Post (Giro Post Identity), Ansett, Sydney Olympics, Uncle Tobys, Museum of Victoria (Melbourne Planetarium Identity), Devondale, McWilliams Wines and Melbourne Racing Club to name just a few.

Marks passion for crafting great communication ideas was the catalyst behind him starting up Hexagon Design. He respects the collaborative process between designer and client. Mark looks for the passion behind the business and its products. He looks for a point of difference which can be owned by the brand. By listening to the background and objectives behind a business, he can truly define its own unique personality. Mark believes in this process, as it operates to clearly define what the Brand and client require. This personalised approach allows him to develop the key strategies and ideas to express the Brands Promise, build on the Brand Experience, implement the Brand Expression, all combining to create great Brand Awareness.

The various skills Mark Smith has developed over the years can be adapted to any medium. He often operates as an Art Director, Designer, Typographer, Design Manager, Strategist, Communicator and even Illustrator. Mark finds inspiration in the observation of all aspects of life. Beauty and engagement can be found in the most simple of objects. Through observation and experimentation we find discovery. What he discovers through this process, leads to beautiful craftsmanship within each design solution.